Our Vendors for January 13, 14 2024!!

Vendor Fees & Application

If you would like to be a vendor, please fill out the vendor application below. You will be contacted via email or phone call once your request have been approved. You will then be directed to pay for your booth space at the bottom of this page. Have questions? Contact Us

Booth Pricing:

  • 10×10 space: Includes one table, 2 vendor passes $250.00
  • 10×20 space: Includes two tables, 3 vendor passes $350.00
  • 10×10 corner space: Includes two tables, 2 vendor passes $300.00
  • 10×20 End-cap space: Includes four tables, 4 vendor passes $450.00
  • 20×20 End-cap spacer: Includes 6 tables, up to 6 vendor passes $650.00
  • Weekend parking passes $15.00 (Available only on day of set up)
  • Each vendor will be provided 4 complimentary 1-day passes. This may be used for friends, family, guests as well as extra vendor workers in lieu of having to purchase extra vendor passes. 

Note: Power and chairs are included with boots spaces free of charge 🙂

Available Add-ons

  • Additional tables: $10.00
  • Covered/Skirted tables: $15.00

Rules and helpful tips

*All tables must be covered/clothed

*Please avoid using plastic disposable table cloths

*Please avoid breaking down more then an hour before closing

*If tables are moved, please check that table legs are secured before using

*Do not leave while show is on. If there is an urgency to leave, please let a staff member know prior to packing. Leaving with out notice in the middle of show may result in permanent ban from future NCRE events.

    Booth Space Needed (Power Included):
    $250.00 10x10 In-line with one table$350.00 10x20 In-line with two tables$300.00 10x10 Corner with two tables$450.00 10x20 End-cap with four tables

    Paying For Your Booth Space

    Once we’ve contacted you for approval, you may pay for your booth space by clicking the “Vendor Payment” button. Upon clicking you will be redirected to Payment options including PayPal, Venmo or Credit/Debit Card to complete your payment. If you haven’t yet been contacted for approval after 3 business days, Please send an email to [email protected] and title it “Vendor Inquiry” and a detailed message regarding you inquiry. (IMPORTANT) Please DO NOT PAY until you have been contacted.

    Please enter the vendor name before clicking “Pay Now” so we know which vendor to apply the payment to. Be sure to verify the total amount of the booth before proceeding.

    Vendor Name